Church Leadership


      Pastor: Kathi Heath

      Director of Music: Casey Molino Dunn

      Office Administrator: Penny Moncrief

      Custodian: Alfonso Chia

Church Officers:

        Nancy Kent                            President of the Corporation

        Marcia Casais                                      Secretary of the Corporation

        William Stusnick                                  Treasurer

        Gail Paradise                                       Financial Secretary

        George Jones & Dimitri Apostola      Auditors


 As a Presbyterian Church, Ogden is led by an elected Board of Elders called the Session.  Our Session is composed of six elders who each serve for a term of three years on a rotating basis.  Each year as three elders rotate off the board, three more are elected by our membership to serve.  Each elder heads a committee that governs a different aspect of our church life:

Current Session Members:  Marcia Casais,  Sophia Hannay, Donn Mansfield, Balcom Parcells, Andrew Roos

Committees & Chairs:

- Finance and Administration – manages Ogden’s fiscal affairs (income and expenses) responsibly and in line with our spiritual values and goals; spearheads Stewardship and Personnel, including  hiring, evaluation, development and compensation of our professional staff;  [Donn Mansfield]

- Nominating – provides nominees from among our membership to fill positions on boards and committees [Balcolm Parcells]

-Buildings and Grounds – oversees all improvements and maintenance of the church buildings and grounds.  [Balcolm Parcells]

-Worship and Music – works with our Minister and our Director of Music to develop effective, engaging & challenging worship experiences [Elizabeth Apostola]

-Christian Education – directs the children’s Sunday School program, develops educational opportunities for adults, organizes family activities/outings [Andrew Roos]

-Mission and Outreach – ensures that use of Ogden’s resources and energies is in line with our mission and goals, including: building usage, allotment of Ogden’s mission monies and giving, partnering with other local organizations, volunteer initiatives; supports and encourages membership involvement in volunteer activities outside Ogden. This committee also welcomes visitors to our church, works to promote membership growth and sponsors community dinners and other events. [Sophia Hannay]


Our other elected entity is our Board of Deacons, with eight deacons who each serve 2-year terms on a rotating basis.  The Deacons tend to the needs of the congregation.  If there is a member who is sick or in need of help, the Deacons will lend a hand or share a prayer.  They visit our homebound members, deliver meals and flowers, give or arrange for rides, set up for monthly communion, and host various functions at church.   They also support a number of charities using monies dedicated to the Deacons.

Current Board of Deacons: Sandra Roos, chair; Kristin Jones, Pam Mansfield, Kristian Roos, Cynthia O’Gorman